National Women's Health & Fitness Day Event Registration

$ 29.95

You must register to host a 2017 Women's Health & Fitness Day event and legally use the event name and logo. Already registered? If so, you do not need to register again to order any of the official 2017 Women's Day promotion items in this store.

In addition to the license to legally use the trademarked 2017 National Women's Health & Fitness Day® name and logo, your $29.95 event registration fee (plus shipping/handling) includes the following: unlimited access to the official program website with all of the materials and resources you will need to host a successful event on Wednesday, September 27th; a free subscription to FitnessDay News, the official event e-newsletter; access to the 2017 Women's Day Store, where you can buy official event promotion items—T-shirts, bags, balloons, buttons, pens; etc.; a sample pack of event promotion items, including a free 2017 Women's Health & Fitness Day T-shirt; a free 2018 health calendar, a free entry for one of the Health Information Resource Center’s 2018 awards programs.

By ordering the National Women's Health & Fitness Day event registration packet, you and your organization agree to our 2017 event terms.

The $29.95 Women's Day event registration fee is per location. If you plan to have more than one event, you must register each location and pay a separate fee. If you have more than 10 event locations that you would like to register, please contact us for discounts for multiple locations: